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Wind Turbines

Advanced wind turbine ice protection

A high potential of wind energy exists in cold climate areas all over the world, where often windy conditions are strong and lasting. Therefore, even today a significant number of wind turbines are placed at sites where they are exposed to extreme weather with icing conditions.

Conventional equipment of wind turbines cannot handle these conditions properly causing functional failures with high financial losses (which are repeating again and again!). Furthermore, public safety issues may be encountered.

Villinger R&D works together with its partners in ice protection solutions to reduce the risk that originates from using wind technology in cold climates. Thereby to reduce the cost of wind produced electricity at sites with icing events or low temperature outside standard operational limits of wind turbines.   

Villinger wind turbine ice protection systems prevent against ice accumulation on blades using patented, electrically heatable coating technology and an automatic ice detection system. The heating technology is robust, lightweight and highly efficient.


This system can be applied on new blades as well as on existing wind turbines Modular system.

External installation with a quick temperature rise and low thermal mass is another feature. This minimizes energy usage. Runback ice can be controlled.


Heating Presentation
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Wind Rotor De-Ice System Prestation
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