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Low energy, high comfort and light weight automotive cabin heating

Electric Radiation Heat Elements

Produce Infrared Radiation Heat Improved

Heat improved comfort and reduced energy consumption are the results with this highly- efficient technology. The electrically heated coating system can be applied to various shapes and surfaces which generates infrared radiation heat.


Conventional Heating

Conventional heating of a vehicle works when the heated air blown fan is enforced via numerous small openings into the cabin.


An appropriate high air mass is necessary to ensure the required amount of heat is in the passenger compartment- with the dangers of uncomfortable air drafts.


The heat is removed from the waste heat of the engine- fairly long periods of time are necessary until the engine warms up after a cold start and is able to deliver enough heat to the cabin for comfort. This then requires the installation of expensive and heavy PTCs with high energy requirements.


For future generation of vehicles with increased electrification, the usable engine heat gets lower. Pure electric vehicles have almost no waste heat available.


Large areas (instrument panel, door panels, headliners, etc.) remain cold for a long time and negatively affects the comfort of the passengers.



Villinger Radiation Heating

Heating of the vehicle over large scale infrared- radiation elements on various locations of the passenger compartment like: door, side, instrument panels, floor, roof, and more


The heat does not have to be removed from the waste heat. From power components the heating is fully active within seconds after the cold. This starts providing instant comfort for the passengers.


Even long-wave pleasantly radiant heat


Different sections can be controlled independently


Additional use of PTC can be avoided


High efficiency is ideal for future heating technologies in vehicles.


Simple avoidance of cold spots in passenger compartments


Volume of circulated air in passenger compartments can be greatly reduced


Heating Presentation
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