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Villinger - Research & Development


Villinger R&D works closely with its customers, partners and suppliers at developing and applying new products and processes that deliver real and practical benefits to them. Our spearheaded approach is done by dedicated research centers that enhance the design and production of the customer solution.

 Villinger R&D developed a breakthrough patented technology using customized  lightweight, semi- conductive coatings.

  •  Coatings heat up electrically and may be applied like paint on a pad or the part itself

  • Rated power consumption is defined by the chemical formula and other parameters

  • Heat output is controllable from 0 to 100% of the rated power.



The simplicity of the technology allows for the possibilities of many different applications in a lightweight and flexible way. It has a high energy efficiency and durability with a high damage tolerance. The technology also has a low environmental impact.