Emergency Rescue from High Rise Buildings

    E-vest from Concept Safety is an emergency system made for fast escapes from high buildings in case of danger. The easy and simple handling of this product makes it possible to escape in less than 1 minute. There is no special training necessary.

    In the same way that nowadays cars are equipped with airbags and airplanes with life jackets, you should have your e-vest in a high-rise building.

    At an elevation that is out of reach for fire fighting equipment your best hope for an emergency escape will almost certainly not be found in smoky and crowded stairways.
    With the new e-vest you can easily get away from the building to safety in a short period of time. By following the simple and clearly illustrated instructions, the e-vest is immediately opened, attached and ready to use.

    In case of emergency, all you have to do is put on the harness like a jacket, close the straps with quick-lock-buckles and jump out with confidence.

    The connection with an emergency trip wire permits the e-vest to deploy automatically. Simple steering techniques allow a controllable flight of the glider. Shortly after deployment, a unique airbag system opens around your body and will protect you at the actual landing.